Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Angels

The First Holy Communion preparations continue for the 8 year old, and this time it's mass on Easter Sunday. It's a busy affair and the husband is away so all three kids have to come with me.

The 4 year old is perched on my lap looking around the unfamiliar church.

As the priest enters we all fall silent, and the boy points to the statue in front of us.

'WHO'S THAT THEN?' his loud voice bursts through the quiet.

'Shhh! That's Jesus' I whisper, as the woman next to me tuts disapprovingly. Or maybe she doesn't. It could be my own catholic guilt clucking away in my head.

The priest takes his position and begins the mass - his voice booming from the speakers.

And then another sudden silence.

'IS THAT GOD TALKING?' the four year old shouts, looking around the air above him.

Further down the church the 8 and 6 year old are sat with my sister. They are behaving for once - even listening to the service.

'I believe in God the Father...' declares the congregation.

'I believe in God the Father too' says the 6 year old.

'And the Easter Bunny' he adds with a self satisfied nod.

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