Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dreamed a little dream

I had a dream last night. I ran off with a very handsome, slightly older, French man.

He sang 'Je ne regrette a rien' to a room full of people and then sat down beside me and proceeded to whisk me off my feet. Mon Dieu!

Naturally on waking I immediately told the husband all about it, making sure to convey that he was very handsome. VERY handsome.

Did I mention that he was handsome?

'I donated sperm' he replied without missing a beat.

'What?!' I exclaimed not sure if we were still on the dream conversation.

'Sperm!' the four year old shouted bursting into the room.

His father and I looked at each other for a moment with equal part shock and amusement.

The four year old noted the look.

'Sperm!' he exclaimed delightedly again.

'Stop that and go and get dressed' I said in my most sensible we-are-not-amused voice.

He walked out of the door singing.

'Sperm, sperm, sperm, sperm, sperm......'.

It could be an interesting day at playschool today.

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