Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two years on #SyriaCrisis

Did you know that it's been two years since the start of the horrific fighting in Syria?

Coming up to one year ago myself and two other bloggers started 'A day of protest' in response to a horrific Times article about what was going on. You can read my post here. Around 90 other bloggers wrote posts too and we gained hundred of thousands of impressions and took over Twitter for the day. It was an amazing response because people cared enough to do something, even if that something was simply a tweet about what was happening.

You may ask what difference does it make. I know I sit here asking the same question. But what is the alternative. To do nothing?

Today Save the Children are marking the two year anniversary with a global vigil.  And you can help.

Why should you?

This is a picture of my 6 year old boy, sleeping peacefully as every 6 your old boy should.

And here Cat Carter reports on another 6 year old boy.

It's only geography that separates those two boys.

For these past two years Syria’s children have endured appalling suffering.
The plight of children is the hidden outrage of this conflict. This HAS to end. Together, we can bring this back to the top of world leaders’ agendas – but only if we act now.

Show the children of Syria that they matter, that we are watching, and that we are here to help. 

Show the world's leaders that we care and therefore they must too. 

How you can help:
Join the Global Vigil, Donate, or Tweet this post or any of the links below: 
Find out more about the crisis in Syria:

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