Monday, March 25, 2013

Pick the car!

Anyone old enough to remember the late 70's, early 80's will remember at some stage sitting around the telly watching '3, 2, 1' or 'Bullseye' or some other such travesty of childhood entertainment with their family.

The climax of the program came at the end when the contestant usually walked away with a brand new bin or a stack of used fivers. But sometimes, sometimes, on those magical-not-to-be-missed shows they actually won the grand prize.

The audience would hold it's breath whilst the brown cardboard studio was twirled around to reveal the prize - a car! a boat! a holiday!

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Sometimes they even got to choose. 'So what will it be Marjorie? A brand new Ford Escort or a family trip to sunny Florida?!' It was at those moments that it got tricky for me. I would clench my eyes shut and repeat a whispered chant 'pick the car, pick the car, pick the car...'

'Ooo I'll take the holiday Bob' Marjorie would gaily declare as if she thought she was actually making the right decision.

'No, no, no! Not the holiday you crazy lady! The holiday will be gone after 2 weeks - but you could have the car - FOR-EV-ER. You're making one big mistake there sister'.

You see I honestly couldn't see why someone would do that. Why choose 2 weeks of pleasure instead of the long term, sensible option?

It's only recently I've come to understand. Taught partly by my 'short-term-pleasure-is-happiness' sister who values memory making experience way over and above any physical 'thing' that can be bought.

As I clutch on to what remains of my thirties with aging fingertips I can finally see that she's right. Experience wins over 'stuff' any day. Maybe it's an age thing and I've suddenly caught up with her thinking, but somehow I don't think so....I'm pretty sure that all those years ago she was probably on the other side of the sitting room with screwed up eyes willing Marjorie to pick that holiday.

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