Friday, February 22, 2013

10 things they should tell you about having a girl

This post is to welcome two beautiful baby girls into the world by two lovely members of the Irish Parent Blogging community - Aine at Andmybaby and Lisa at One already here and one to come. Special ladies, special babies, special times.

However, I do have a few warnings to impart to them....

1. On announcing the arrival of your little princess an unwritten rule will also be announced: All gifts must be pink. Unless they are purple. Any friends or family deviating from this list should be made the Godparents.

2. They don't wee in the air.

3. The rhythm is gonna get her. She will shake that little booty before she even learns walk. Soon she will be dancing like Beyonce in front of Uncle John whilst you mumble about inappropriate somethings and not knowing where she got it from.

4. Unlike boys your daughter will happily sit in a corner drawing on one piece of paper with one crayon for an hour. Really.

5. Your home will begin to look like the inside of Katie Price's wedding carriage. But not quite so tasteful.

6. No matter how much you plead, cajole or threaten your daughter she will NOT wear the blue dress. SHE will choose her own clothes thank you very much. This will result in her looking like the outside of Katie Price's wedding carriage. But not quite so tasteful.

7. All little brothers or other members of the household should be advised that there is a new king (or rather queen) in town. Make sure that they are used to being bossed around. They WILL be bossed around.

8. Beware of glitter. It might seem like your friend on a cosy Friday afternoon when there's nothing else to do, but you will still be sweeping it up on Monday evening - after you realise that you've already done the school run twice with purple twinkles in your hair of course.

9. She will have power over your other half like you could only dream of. Daddy's little girl is alive and kicking up a fuss - and be in no doubt - she will get her way.

10. Naked blondes will start appearing in your bed. It doesn't matter how pretty the dresses are - those girls just can't wait to whip them off and tuck those naked barbies into bed. Any bed. In fact it doesn't have to be barbies, or blondes, or dolls for that matter. Teddies, zoo animals, little brothers will all do too. I've even witnessed a couple of sticks being tucked up and sung a lullaby. The force is strong with this one.

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(Following all the lovely comments to this I should add that this is a tongue-in-cheek lighthearted post and if it causes you offence then you really should be reading a different blog!)

And here's a post in response to those who are so horrified that lots of little girls like pink by the fabulous Rock n'Roll mum.

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