Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top tips for concert going parents.

This is a sponsored post. 

So Halloween is here, and tonight I will be taking hold of my broomstick and flying solo as my husband disappears into the distance to see the great Jack White in Dublin.

Whilst this time it was planned that he would go alone, most of the time we find ourselves hours before a gig wondering how it could have happened yet again that one of us couldn't go. The amount of tickets we have thrown away due to a child falling unexpectedly ill or a babysitter falling through is just not funny.

So I've decided to share my top tips for concert going parents in the hope that it will help some of those hard earned tickets being saved from the trash pile..

1. Stop!
You find Rolling Stone tickets for sale and are desperate to buy them. They're expensive but you've always wanted to see them. Well before you throw caution to the wind - Stop! - make a quick call to check the babysitters availability. All good to go? Ok you can go ahead now.

2. Have a back up.
The minute the tickets are purchased find a back up babysitter. Now find a replacement gig goer in case you or your partner can't make it. You will soon find your friendship circle widening.

3. Put the date in the diary.
Buy a family calender and check it each day - using one source for all your family activities will make life easier all round. Make sure you and everyone connected to the concert knows the date, time and place. Check in one week before to make sure you are all still on plan.

4. Warn the children.
Let the children know well in advance that you will be going out. There's nothing worse than a screaming fit or a case of 'school tummy' just before you are planning to walk out the door.

5. Buy from a reputable source.
No matter how tempting it is - do not buy tickets from dodgy sources. What seems to good to be true usually is. Stick with sites you know that have a good reputation. Stubhub is just one of the many sites you can reply on.

I'm quite sure Mick and Jerry Jagger never had these issues when popping out to a gig, but for the rest of us mere mortals a little planning goes a long way!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All words are my own. I'm still gutted to be missing Jack White.

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