Monday, October 22, 2012

How my children see me.

Last week the wonderful Sticky Fingers re-launched her 'How my children see me' meme and was erm, kind enough to tag me. Just because she came out looking like Mr. Potato Head I guess she had to share the joy.

So I grabbed the closest child and handed him a marker. The results were...interesting:

Actually I confess I was quite relieved. The last time he drew me I looked like this:

I'm the one on the right. Obviously.

At least I have arms now. Although I lost my lipstick. And my lips.

So now I get to ask the question: How do your children see you?

And I'm tagging:

Midlife Single Mum
A Mummy's View
Actually Mummy
The Clothes Line
The Daily Muttering

Have fun and no cheating!
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