Monday, September 17, 2012

Listography: Top 5 Truths - according to women

By the ripe old age of *cough*... late thirties... I like to think I have learned a few lessons about life, a few 'Truths' as it were, about the world and how it works.

And so it goes that this week's Listography* will pay homage to our knowledge, allowing us to share our collective wisdom with one another so that we can grow and heal and go forth in happiness and new found wonder.

Let us begin.

1. Anti-aging creams will never, ever work. Ever. Even the really expensive ones. We will of course continue to buy them in the hope that we are wrong.

2. That bad hair day when you run out of milk and decide to leg it into Tescos with no make up and a track suit on is the day that you will bump into Robbie O'Leary who dumped you in third year. Accept it. Do not make eye contact.

3. No matter how refined you think you are drinking Pinot Grigio in the sunshine you are still ultimately just getting pissed.

4. Vajazzles are just plain wrong. Not so wrong they're right, just really, really wrong. If you have ever had one or even mused whimsically what it would be like to have one, I would kindly ask you to leave now. And close that door behind you on the way out so you wont hear the sniggering.

5. French women may have that je ne sais quoi and look amazing at 40, but they are all dull as hell and stink of fags. (At least I hope so, 'cause otherwise that just aint fair).

This Listography isn't just for the ladies of course - I'd love to see a few men's versions too - just be nice ok?

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*I know I usually post this on a weekend but nobody really cares do they?


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