Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A post about Coast

I need a wedding people.

A wedding or a job.

You see I have the outfit all picked out and now I just need an excuse to wear it. A wedding would be perfect, or a Christmas party - but all my friends are already married, and working for myself doesn't make for much of an xmas do.

I blame those people at Coast. They challenged me to look through their collection and see what I could find. Put a 'dream outfit' together from their Coast products. We have words for people like that. Lucky for them that I'm too polite to use them here.

Anyway, within about 30 seconds I had this gorgeous shift dress on my wish list:

Coast Kisette Dress
Coast Kisette Dress
(Husband if you are reading take note).

And then it was a simple case of adding some accessories. A classic clutch....

Coast Felicia Clutch
and some jewellery to top it all off.

Coast Fern Bracelet

Coast Fern Earrings

See? Now you can  understand my problem.

So can anyone help? Drop a few hints to that boyfriend of yours? Employ me as Official Christmas Party Elf? Or will I be dancing around my living room to Max Bygraves Singalongamaxmas on my own?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. But I still want that dress. 
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