Friday, July 6, 2012


So I'm off on my jolliers.

Two whole weeks in sunny Spain with nothing more taxing to think about than 'will I have have a beer or a swim..'

But before I go I have to do a shout out to a lovely man I met last week at Hop Farm Festival.

This is Iggy. He's a designer and tailor and he makes the most amazing quality clothes (mostly for men) at Workhouse. Hats, bags, coats, jumpers - I could have taken one of everything away with me quite happily.

(For the record - this picture was taken two days into festival with no hair straighteners at my disposal so don't judge me. The rain showers really helped too).

Iggy's pop up shop at Hop Farm Festival:  

But it's hard work making this stuff - as you can see from the youtube clip below. And it's even harder promoting and making a living out of it.

So here's to Iggy and all the creative types out there who are forging their own path and putting two fingers up to the machine.

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