Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sickbeds and Suitcases

The husband is sick. Again.

I must say I'm not the most caring of carers. The thing is - I sort of resent the fact that he's lying in bed (albeit in pain).


Because he's allowed to be sick.

He makes a phone call to work and that's it. He lies in bed until he gets better whilst I stomp around the house throwing (not literally mind) a cup of tea his way every now and then.

Being a 'part-time working from home' Mother I'm not allowed to get sick. And if I do it's not worth the begging phone calls and calling in favours to everyone I've ever met to try to offload the kids for a few hours. So I might as well just get on with it.

Same goes for trips away. Whilst the other half can skip out the door for his weekend of fun and frolics without even a look over his shoulder, I face a very different story.

As chance would have it I have an unheard of, never-before-never-to-be-repeated two weekends away in a row coming up. And let me tell you- I have lists of lists coming out my ass.

Phone calls to be made for school drop offs, phone calls to be made for school tour drop offs, play dates to be arranged, pick ups to be agreed, times or arrival and departure of child 1, 2 and 3 on each day, summer camps to be paid for, names to be put on lists, food to be shopped for, lunches to be sorted, favours to be called in. The list goes on and on and on...

And that doesn't include the things I need to do for me! (Bank, shops, packing, book parking, hair, maps...haven't had much time to work on this particular list).

If I manage to get everything done then I can leave the house, gingerly checking for the 20 millionth time that it's ok with everyone and everyone will be ok. And then I will guiltily check my phone every 15 minutes waiting for the text to say child 1 is sick or child 2 is missing or child 3 fell down the stairs.

That is if 'child' 4 is better by then of course...

So - is it just me? How does it roll in your house?
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