Friday, June 15, 2012

The downside of private schooling

I have a friend whose nearly teenage daughter just started in private school last September.

She's the first member of the family to go to private school and her mother only finally succumbed to it after a long mental debate about the pros, the cons, the ethics and the cost.

Anyway, after almost a year in the posh school with the posh girls, the daughter is very slowly changing. She has adopted the mannerisms of the rest of the class and the accent is subtlety becoming a little more Sloane Street - much to my friends discomfort.

The latest and most hard to accept change has been in the young girls use of bad language. The other evening as she sat quietly doing her homework at the kitchen table she made a mistake on the page.
Image Source

'Oh fudge!' she exclaimed.

'Excuse me?' replied her mother at the other end of the room.

'I said - 'Oh fudge' '

'Oh fudge? Oh fudge???' the mother declared aghast. 'It's 'Oh fuck' Alison'

Oh dear. I think this may be the final straw.

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