Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book clubs and Brazilians - Is this how to be a woman?

About 4 months ago my friends and I jumped on the already over-crowded bandwagon and started a book club.

So far it has been most satisfactory.

I would estimate a 20% readership against a 100% drunkenness each month. Add in a few nibbles and a night off from the kids and it's a winner.

Last month our selected book was the ubiquitous 'How to be a woman' by Caitlin Moran. Two hated it, two loved it and the others didn't bother reading it.

Although we try hard at the book club not to actually discuss the book in question this time it was nigh on impossible. One of the topics that came up was waxing. Brazilians to be exact.

I had long prior to reading the book sided with Caitlin and her (semi) 'au naturale' approach.

Me: 'I just don't agree with it'
Friend A: 'But why not?'
Me: 'Well, because (a) I don't want to look like a prepubescent child, (b) it costs a fortune and (c) Caitlin says you end up looking like Desperate Dan's chin within a week'
Friend B: 'I had it done.'
Me: 'But why should we?'
Friend A: 'Well would you dye your hair if it was grey? What's the difference really?'
Me: 'The difference is that my hair is on show all the time'
Friend A nodding to Friend B: 'Well so is her wotsit'.

As you can see our book club is full of sardonic wit and thespian viewpoints. But I still don't get the whole thing. It's now the norm to have the full monty off which to my mind is insane. How can this be normal?

And what's the next step?

We already have the laughable 'Vajazzle' which only leads to things like this:

'Rate my Vajazzle.'

Seriously. That's a real website. The things I do for you guys.

And did you know there is now such a thing as a pajazzle? Oh how our grandfathers would have laughed.

So what's your view? 'Sparkly porn star' or 'let it all hang out'? Or maybe something in between?

Go on - please tell me I'm not the only one...

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