Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An idiots guide to gardening - Lesson 1

In last weeks post I explained that the Kate Takes 5 crew were taking on a new challenge courtesy of Chris at Thinly Spread.

Well we have been given our instructions and followed them as closely as possible.

Week 1 has been all about planting Nasturcians, Tumbling Tomatoes and Sunflowers.

We bought all the gear as instructed and it was such a pleasure to walk into the garden centre with my little list and sound like I knew what I was doing. In the past I've panic bought or grabbed something that looks good on the packet only to realise that I either need a greenhouse or be able to magically fast forward the seasons.

The kids and I settled into a spot at the bottom of the garden to step through our instructions, and everything was going swimmingly until we realised that the were in fact no seeds in the tumbling tomatoes packet....Chris denies any foul play but I suspect she was trying to hamper our brilliance.

Anyway, the situation was rectified by a quick purchase of some of the same variety on an emergency run back to the garden centre.

I was surprised at how easy it was for the children to get involved and how even the demon three year old instantly settled down - a look of pure concentration on his face that is rarely seen away from a Nintendo DS.
And now...
After a delightful hour in the sunshine here is our work. 

(Chris if you're thinking they look a bit dry don't worry - that was pre-watering!)

Now if they would just grow I think we might be hooked.

I'm linking this post up to the 'Come sow with me' meme which is being run to support @ONECampaign 'LetsThrive' campaign. It so easy to help - for more read this.
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