Sunday, March 18, 2012

Listography - 5 reasons I know I'm a . . . .

Oi! Not that.

This weeks Listography is brought to you courtesy of the rather lovely Fab 40 Foibles who suggested the wonderful topic.

Basically it's yours to do what you wish with. This being Mother's Day I'm going to go with 5 Reasons I know I'm a ...Mother, but you can insert whatever you wish - Slob, Dentist, Man, Egomaniac...the possibilities are endless!

So, my Top 5 Reasons I Know I'm a Mother:

1. I know the theme tunes to Peppa Pig, Raa Raa The Noisy Lion, Kick Buttowski, and many, many more. I also know the names of not just the characters on Wizards of Waverly Place and Zeke and Luther but the actors names too. And in some cases who they are going out with in real life. This is not healthy.

2. My house looks like a travellers halting site.

3. I spend 85% of my day shouting.

4. The bags under my eyes wouldn't be allowed on a Ryanair flight.

5. My mental state swings between deep irritation (children present) to deep anxiety (children not present) to guilt (children sleeping).

Ok I realise that list doesn't sound too good. And of course I left the good stuff out. There is good stuff too. It's just that it wasn't the first thing to spring to mind. Oh dear.

Moving swiftly on...It's your turn now. Simply make your list on your own site, come back here to link up and then take a  look around some of the other entries.

Happy listing!

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