Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blog Idol

The other week I got an innocent enough looking tweet saying that I'd been mentioned in a certain someones blog post. Of course I dashed off to see the offending article and got the most fabulous surprise when I read this post from the very friendly, funny and lovely Rebecca from Here Come the Girls.

She had named me as her Blog Idol and made me a shiny new badge to wear.

sparkle effect
See how it sparkles?
At first I was simply aghast that someone had taken the time to do this and had actually picked me (it may have something to do with the mug...), but then I got to thinking that really I should pass on the love.

And so here I am - naming and shaming my very own blog idol.

So with no further ado would Ms. @Nickie72 from I am Typecast please stand up!

Ah Nickie. What can I say about her that hasn't already been said?

I first came across her blogging awesomeness when I had just started blogging myself and was looking to make some very simple HTML changes. Nickie's tutorials appeared and I lurked in awe for some time before commenting.

Not too long after that she held my hand through a very dodgy online stalker type situation that freaked the hell out of me at the time. Nickie was an old hand and eased me through it.

Since then she has become my mentor, my personal technical blogging expert, my Twitter sparring partner, and maybe I could be so bold as to say my friend.

Nickie is also everywhere. She has fingers in so many pies she makes Little Jack Horner look hard done by. 

Be warned though - she's not for the faint-hearted!

So if you like your bloggers strong, opinionated, helpful to the extreme, controversial, and always, always, always online - look no further than Typecast.*

(*Did I mention that she's a granny and that she sometimes looks like Hitler?)


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