Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mother's Day - Looking for unique gift ideas?

Ah Mothers Day.

Each time it rolls around I live in fear of Mother's Day treats such as 'breakfast in bed', which usually consists of an apple, a thick slab of butter with some bread mashed into it and half a glass of water delivered on a plastic tray at 6am.

This year my husband will be away at a perfectly timed stag do, so I won't even have anyone on hand to stop them.

However I don't mind so much, because I also know I will be getting this:

Tucked away in a corner of my daughters bedroom, courtesy of the very lovely Merci Maman, lies this little beauty. A bracelet of gold plated hearts inscribed with my children's names. Pretty special huh?

The site has loads of different colours and styles to choose from and accept orders for Mothers Day up to 14th March.

So if your kids are already planning on making you breakfast in bed this year make sure you tell their Dad that you want one of these on the tray alongside that bruised apple.

And to help persuade him Merci Maman has kindly offered a 10% discount to readers of Kate Takes 5 which is valid until March 7th. Simply use the code 'Katetakes5' at checkout.

Happy Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: Merci Maman specialise in personalised gifts. They kindly sent me this bracelet to review, however all words and opinions are my own. Bracelets retail at approx £30 for a single charm. 

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