Saturday, January 7, 2012

Listography - Give me 5 of your best.

This weeks Listography is all about your 'Bests'. I've left the decision as to which 'bests' you want to include, because lets face it, after last weeks blatant disregard of the rules you probably would have done it that way anyway.

Sheesh you lot are an unruly bunch.

So whether it's your best kiss, your best holiday, your best decision - the choice is yours.

Just make sure there's only 5 of them this time this time.

Ok, I'll go first:

1. Best Meal.
It was 2008 and I had just decided to start eating meat again after 15 years of being a vegetarian (15 wasted years as Mr. Gordon Ramsey would say). My husband and I went out to a gorgeous little Italian restaurant and I decided to order the steak.

Oh. My. God.

Unfortunately I put the other half off his meal as he found the sight of me eating a big hunk of fillet so unsettling. He'd only every known me as a veggie and couldn't quite deal with the spectacle.

2. Best Friend.
I'm lucky enough to have a few genuinely 'til death do us part' friends, but since I've written about him before I might as well stick him in here again.  Unfortunately since he now lives in Slovakia his sightings around these parts are few and far between. Though he does send the odd giant tractor over to keep him in our thoughts.

3. Best Blog Post.
I'm not sure if it's my best but Mothers Always Right said it was and you don't mess with a woman who gets up at 4am for work every morning.

4. Best Place I've Ever Been.
Byron Bay. My special place. It's where I met, among others, Mr. Kate Takes 5 and where I literally had the best time of my life. (so far)

5. Best iPhone App
Ok I may be including this purely to get suggestions of others from you guys. Perhaps. The fact is I only have 2 apps on my phone because I don't even know where to start looking for them. But the best of those 2 is most definitely 'Instagram'. Strangely addictive and probably hugely irritating for anyone at the end of my Facebook stream.


So now it's your turn to give me 5 of your best. Choose your topics, write your post and then come back here and linky up below.

And don't forget to show some of the other entries some love.

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