Sunday, January 22, 2012

Listogaphy - Top 5 Biscuits

After taxing our little brains last week with all those wonderful blogging tips, this week it's time to sit back, have a cup of tea and pull out a packet of biscuits.

Well make that five packets in fact.

Because this weeks Listography is asking you to list your Top 5 Biscuits.

And really - what could be more important?

Now, lets get the first argument out of the way quickly shall we. My all time favourite and first entry into my top 5 is.......

1. Tunnocks Tea Cakes.
Yes I know. It says cake in the title. But it has a biscuit base and, well, erm, I just like them ok? And this is my list so if I want them I can have them. And if you want Kit Kats in yours I promise not to enter into the whole 'it's a biscuit \ it's a bar' debate.
Shall we move on?

2. Jacobs Club Milk.

The old skool school biscuits. Every time you opened one someone would tell the story about the time they had one that was pure chocolate all the way through. Funny how it never happened when anyone else was around.

3. Foxes Party Rings
Something so lovely about their pastel perfectness.

4. Jersey Creams

You don't gotta be fancy to press my buttons.

 5. Chocolate Fingers \ Tim Tams*


Ok I realise that these biscuits are not even closely related but the reason I have listed them together is the reason I they have made it into my Top 5. Both of these biscuits need to be eaten with a cup of tea, - bite both ends off the biscuit and then suck tea through biscuit like a straw. Pop the gorgeous melty chocolaty biscuity loveliness into you mouth and relax.
* Unfortunately Tim Tams can only be bought in Australia so most of you will never get to compare the two. Pity.

Want to join in this life changing Listography?

Just write your post on your blog, then come back here to link it up. Then all you need to do it grab a cuppa and a packet from your Top 5 and read some of the other yummy entries.

I can feel the pounds piling on already.

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