Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are my children normal?

Today I was wearing my 'Good Mother' hat and decided to take my three out for bike riding lessons.

The eldest is seven and has had a bike since she was four. The fact that she still can't ride a bike grates on me daily. We made some progress last summer but since then she has had zero interest.

The other is five and has had his bike for 18 months, he still can't ride it.

The 3 year old has a glider bike with no pedals.

So out we went to the beloved 'green' which is just far enough away to be exciting. We took a spot on a quiet road and the girl got ready for push off.

'What if I fall?' she asked

'You won't fall. I'll be running right beside you' I replied.

After 'preparing' herself for about 5 minutes whilst the 3 year old glided around the corner and out of sight I was already getting testy.

'Ready?' I asked.

'Ok' she replied.

We got about 5 feet and she had a little wobble.

'WAAAAAHHHHHH' she screamed as the neighbourhood turned to see what disaster had befallen us.

She put her foot down in every sense and refused to go any further.

'Oh for God's sake' I muttered under my breath as I ran to retrieve the escaping brother.

So it was the boys turn.

'Now come on. You've done this before you can do it again' I encouraged with a happy smile.

'Ready?' I asked

'Ok' he replied.

We got about 5 feet and he had a wobble.

'WAAAAAHHHHHH' he screamed as the neighbourhood turned with perplexed faces to see the two of them bawling crying in the middle of the road.

'That's it. We're going home. At least one of you can make it back on a bike' I stropped as the 3 year old sped passed.


'YOU DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT US' screamed the other.

I put my head down, my hood up and tried to avert the staring eyes as we made our way back in the newly falling rain.

So, is this normal?

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