Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I've run away from home....(back soon)

Last week I was reminded of the time when my little sister was about nine and ran away from home after a fight with mum. She left a note saying 'I've run away from home. Back soon.'

You see after writing about my crack up on Friday I had felt like leaving a similar note. The only things that stopped me was 1. two out of three of my kids can't read and 2. the toaster wasn't working so they couldn't make their own meals.

Even so...

Of course I didn't run away. Well not immediately anyway. I waited until their Dad came home and then did what any self respecting mother of three would do. I ran home to my Mum.

40 hours of bed rest, hot baths, meals brought to me on pretty trays, cups of tea and hot toddies and my soul had sufficiently healed to return to the fray.

Image: http://joannekraft.com

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