Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Gallery 11:11:11

The Gallery prompt from Sticky Fingers this week was a date. 11:11:11. Tara wanted us to mark the lovely date by taking a photo from that day and then putting them together in one big Gallery of 11:11:11 moments.

I had high aspirations for my picture, a flower blooming perhaps - marking the unusual warmth of November 2011, my children frolicking in the autumn leaves maybe, or a newspaper showing the big story of the day...

Unfortunately I have this instead:

A picture which sums up a week of sickness and broken nights sleep.

Oh well, I promise to do better on 12:12:12.

Now pop over to Sticky Fingers and check out some much better offerings, or join in yourself - there's £100 voucher up for grabs from Netmums you know?

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