Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Special Listography!

For this weeks Listography I thought I'd do something a little different. Now be warned - I'm going to mention the C word here...

I know we haven't got passed Halloween yet but like it or not - Christmas is coming, and for all us parents that means toy buying. Now if you're anything like me your house will be already overflowing with toy:. broken toys, never played with toys, cheap toys, expensive toys, toys with bits missing, toys with sentimental value, toys you love that your kids hate, toys you hate that your kids love, the list goes on and on and on.

My biggest challenge at Christmas is finding toys that won't be discarded to the scrap heap in the playroom to sit unloved for at least a year until my next pre-Christmas clear out.

So this year I'm going to do something about it.

This weeks Listography is asking you to share your Top 5 Toys for Kids. I'm not going to go into age groups - just list your Top 5 toys of all time. Once all your lists are in I will compile the Top 10 Toys for Christmas as voted by Parent Bloggers* list and put it up here. If you want the final list to share on your own blog just come on over and take it.

To start the ball rolling here are mine:

1. Lego
Can anything beat Lego? It's the ultimate toy for me and has proved it's worth over the years. There is nothing better than hearing your kids rustling through a big box of Lego, and nothing worse than hearing that big box being turned upside down on the sitting room floor...


2. Playmobile.
As a child I spent endless days playing with my knights and damsels and my mother still after *cough* years has some left in her house, albeit a little battle worn at this stage. My children now play with their own pirate and skateboarder sets and every time I see it them with their Playmobile I get a warm fuzzy glow. And no, that's not just the gin.


3. Sylvanians
Admittedly I was anti-Sylvanians until my sister bought the 7 year old a months salary worth of the stuff. Not having to bankrupt yourself to buy it makes it all so much nicer. She now spends hours in her room playing with her little families.


4. Twistables by Crayola.
I love these things. All kids love to colour but crayons get broken, pencils end up being chucked out because you can't find a sharpener, markers get stolen by younger siblings and end up all over the walls...but Twistables are pretty much perfect.


5. Nintendo DS
Anything that allows Mum to have a coffee in peace goes onto my list.

To join in all you have to do is write your Listography post on your own blog, come back here and link it up to the linky below then leave the rest to me. I'll compile the 'Top 10 Toys for Christmas as voted by Parent Bloggers' and publish it here at the end of the week. You can also vote in the comments below (but make sure you leave a link to your blog), or on Twitter by tweeting @katetakes5 and using the hashtag #T10T.

Here's to not making any more costly mistakes this Christmas!

(*The Rules: It's all just a bit of fun but I do have a couple of rules.....1.Only Parent Bloggers can vote. 2. Each mention of a toy is deemed one point. 3. I may add to the rules as we go along!)

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