Monday, October 10, 2011

Please help the poor . . . . people who are subjected to this crap.

Dear Janis Nazarovs,

You just couldn't let it lie could you?

Didn't you notice that I ignored your first mail? And then I ignored the second (identical) mail, then the third, the forth, the fifth, the sixth and then it seems I understandably lost count.

Perhaps you did too as the mails didn't stop. 'Please help the poor' you said, 'here's my bank account' you said. To be honest I didn't even read most of the sob story inbetween because I, like thousands of other people that ignored your mails, have a brain and am smart enough to use it.

What about the folk that aren't used to receiving this sort of crap though? What about the old people who use their computer as their life line and suddenly receive this desperate message asking for help?

Well that's who you depend on for your scams don't you?

So Janis, or Juris, or Delboy or whatever your name is. Please, please show a little kindness and stop sending me your shit.

Thanks and regards,

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