Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Legacy: An unexpected find.

Today I'm going to go all sentimental and join in with Alexander Residence's Little Legacy meme.

It's just the most gorgeous idea for a linky and her posts are so fact I order you to go over there right now and have a read of her latest one about finding an old birthday card that her beloved mother had written to her.

It's hard to sum up a person in one blog post - least of all my Dad.

He was born and brought up in Belfast, one of a family of thirteen who saw more than their fair share of hardships. They had little in monetary terms but buckets of brains.

Dad was lucky to get a good education, move to England, meet my mother and eventually move back to Ireland. By the time I was aware of his existence he had worked his way up to be a Professor of Law, and Director of Training in the Law Society of Ireland. Not bad for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

He was a true intellectual my Dad, which made his demise into Parkinsons and Dementia all the more poignant. He accepted it all with true grace though and held on to his humour to the very end, which came almost two years ago.

The other week I took a book out of my overpacked bookcase to lend to my mother. It was The Great Gatsby by my all time favourite author F.Scott Fitzgerald.

On opening it I unexpectedly found this:

Katie, You're at an age when this is the perfect novel. It'll be nice to remember how much you enjoyed it then when you re-read it in later life - and enjoy it again. Love from Dad. 28th May 1993.

My very own Little Legacy to pass on. Thanks Dad. x

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