Saturday, October 15, 2011

Listography - Top 5 Keyword Searches on Your Blog

It has to be said I've been a little slack on the Listography front lately.

The past few weeks I don't seem to have managed to make it through everyone's lists and shamefully have only left comments on the first half of the linky entrants. *Hangs head in disgrace* So this week I promise to make amends and read and comment on every single one.

To make it even better I've got a lovely little Listography for you all that shouldn't test the brain cells too much - Top 5 Keyword Searches on your Blog.

I'm thrilled with this one as I always take a keen interest in how people found my posts and all the weird and wonderful questions folk type into Google.

So my Top 5 Keyword Searches of all time (excluding blog name are):

1. Peas.
Who'd have thunk it. This little post has been my biggest generator of traffic from random searches on Google. Bizarrio.

2. Naked Blondes.
I've disappointed a hell of a lot of young men with this one.

3. Listography.
Well  I should think so too!

4. Chewbacca.
I bet all you Star Wars fans were just thrilled to stumble onto my little blog.

5. Off Switch.
Weird huh?

My next post is going to be about the time Chewbacca was caught in bed eating peas with some naked blondes before turning out the light with the off switch.

So please link up your top keyword searches by writing your post on your own blog and then coming back here to put your details in the Linky below.

This is gonna be a good un!

PS. My all time favourite keyword search that came up on my blog was 'Ireland is f*cked'. I'm so proud!

PPS. To find your top keywords on Blogger go to Stats - All time - Traffic Sources - and then scroll down. On Wordpress go to Dashboard - Site Stats - Search Engine Terms - This Week - All Time. 

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