Sunday, October 9, 2011

Listography - A date with Typecast

So me and Ms. Nickie Typecast were chatting the other day. And somehow the conversation went from The Breakfast Club, to the MADs, to my disastrous Debs date of the 1990's (typical Nickie conversation really).

It wasn't really that disastrous, it was just that I'd been working all summer in the States and by the time I got home for the Debs all the good 'uns had been already snatched up. So I resorted to sitting in a pub whilst my friends threw out names to me of possible candidates. Finally someone mentioned someone whose name a) I recognised, b) didn't make me come out in a rash, and c) I hadn't had 'a situation' with before. It took a while let me tell you.

So I asked the guy, he accepted, Cinderalla did go to the ball, and Prince Charming turned out to be not so charming and if I remember correctly spent the night chatting up someone else. (I wasn't interested in him you understand - it was purely a matter of manners. Though I've just had a look through the old debs photos and I've got to say I can't really blame him. This was pre-GHD's after all).

Anyhoo....whilst shootin' the breeze about bad dates of the past Nickie and I decided that really it would be rude not to do a Listography on the subject. And what better person to host it than Ms. Typecast herself.

So head on over and read about her Top 5 Worst Dates Ever, I can assure you it will be, erm, interesting to say the least.

And after that you too can relive the horrors of your past by joining in. In no time at all you'll be gazing lovingly at your partner picking the dirt out of his toes across the sofa and thanking God for your lucky escapes.

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