Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh shit I missed my birthday.

I knew it was around about now but it seems I have missed it completely.

A little bit lax seeing as I'm only 1.
Anyway, on the 14th September last year I sat down at my computer and Googled 'How to start a blog'. Actually that's a lie. I sat down at my husbands computer and Googled 'How to start a blog'.

Turns out it's pretty easy. Turns out there are loads of amazing bloggers out there that I never knew anything about. Turns out it's a teeny weeny bit addictive. Turns out I've spent the past twelve months writing, chatting, laughing, crying with some fabulous people. Turns out I got to work with Disney Jr, Netmums, eBay and landed a part-time job. Turns out there's more to this blogging lark than sitting at a computer on your own sending self-absorbed witterings out into the unknown.

Turns out I love it.
Since I've now reached the ripe old age of one I've decided it's time I started participating in Blog Gems on The King and I, so I'll be posting an old post from the archives every week. You may scoff and think it's because of a lack of material...well to that I would say 'ha! do you not realise that my two most prolific material generators have banned me from writing about them?' 

So it turns out you could possibly be right. 

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