Monday, September 26, 2011

Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Today there was a knock on my door.

Now usually when there's an unexpected knock on my door in the afternoon it's either my mother or someone looking for money. Sometimes it's even my mother looking for money. *

Anyway, today was no exception. As I opened the door there stood a man with the dreaded clipboard.

My mind started racing for excuses before the poor guy even had a chance to open his mouth. Normally the kids would provide me with my escape route by screaming or fighting or breaking something but annoyingly they were all behaving for a change.

'Have you seen the new ad on RTE?' the man said

'I don't actually watch Irish TV' I replied, truthfully.

'Except when you're on it' the 7 year old pipes up.

So we got to talking. About the day I was famous, about my blog, about Facebook, Twitter, how broke we are, and how difficult it is to raise money for charity in a recession.

Anyway, this lovely man who's name I failed to get was collecting for the Irish Heart Foundation. The Irish Government can't afford to help them because they've spent all our cash feeding a tiger that they couldn't control, so it's up to us to keep charities like this afloat.

Donating is easy - just click to the website. You may even get to see the new ad that's on Irish TV without even having to turn it on.

Which in fairness can only be a good thing.

Image: Irish Heart Foundation
A big thanks from me and the big man if you do decide to donate. x

*That was a joke Mum. You can put down the phone now.

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