Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Gems - School Daze

As mentioned in a previous post, since I've now reached the ripe old age of 1 I am going back to my archives with Blog Gems.

I wrote this post about this time last year when it was back to school time. Unfortunately I can't say that this year has gone much better....

My 6 year old daughter started in a new school this year. We've just moved back to my home town and thankfully she was accepted into our first choice school, which has been wonderful in welcoming us into the community. 'You're not going to regret this' I thought to myself when we first got the approval letter, 'we are going to be a model family. We will go to every AGM, join the parents committee, get involved with fundraising. Our daughter will be perfectly groomed and well behaved every day - this is going to be the best decision you ever made!'.

And now back to reality.

Kaya needs to take her inhaler to school and someone small has taken it from the kitchen shelf. Along with the spare one. After a half hour of searching I find half of it and stuff it in her bag. We're now late.
I get all 3 kids strapped into the car, drive to the school, park as close as I can, get all 3 out, baby in buggy, run the rest of the way and finally get to her classroom, where I see 23 of her classmates in their tracksuits whilst she is dressed in her uniform (which now I see has a yogurt stain all down the front). Kaya looks at me like I've just put the cat in the microwave.

You see, poor girl has only had 3 PE days so far this year and I have forgotten her tracksuit on, em, 2 of those days. Not good mother statistics. So, once again I have to apologise to the teacher and promise to deliver her gear asap.

Just as I leave the school I remember the inhaler so I go back to explain to the teacher that Kaya might need it today, but you know, well it's kind of broken, but nevermind hey, it still works. Kind of.

As you can imagine I'm feeling pretty flustered by this time, but I race back home, collect her kit and fly back up the school with it. Sorry Reception, sorry Teacher, sorry Class, sorry Kaya, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Is it time for a coffee yet?

So having dropped the 4 year old off to playschool (late) I finally sit down to my well earned cappuchino, and what the hell - lets have a cookie too. Mmm, cookies, I put a cookie in Kaya's lunchbox today, which is SITTING ON THE COUNTER IN THE KITCHEN.......NOOOOOOOO!!!!

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