Sunday, August 7, 2011

Listography - Things I'd change about myself

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So this week's Listography is Things I'd Change About Myself.

Well to be more specific - characteristics  I'd change. (Lets save looks for another day shall we?)

Now I know we're all almost perfect but I'm sure we can come up with one or two improvements that could be made.

These are mine.

1. Find a sense of direction.
I could get lost walking up my own driveway. Husband doesn't understand it at all. He was born with an inbuilt tracking device. The first time I brought him back to Ireland to meet the family I got lost driving the 40 minutes from airport to house - a route I'd probably taken about 358 times previously. Despite never having set foot in the country before he took over the driving and seemed to guide us home with no more than his natural antennae and the position of the sun. I'd settle for being able to walk out of a shop in the right direction.

2. Be more touchy-feely
I'm not much of a hugger. I'm not one of those people who naturally bound up to you with a big hug and a kiss. In fact I have known to even feel uncomfortable when my own sister put her arm around my shoulder and left it there a little longer than I felt was necessary.

3. Be more patient.
I get too cross too quick these days. I need to remember how to laugh when I come downstairs and someone has tried to create a jam and Cheerio collage on the kitchen wall. Well maybe not laugh exactly...

4. Be a better housekeeper.
I could honestly spend hours cleaning my house and it would still look like a bomb site. In fact I've often spent a whole day sorting and tidying and husband has come home and not even noticed. Then again he didn't notice that time I went on a two week strike either.

5. Be more spontaneous.
Unlike the other ones listed I actually used to have this - but having kids sucked all my spontaneity out of me. I'm aiming to get it back. I think. Suggestions welcome - I may even take you up on them. Just give me a couple of days to get used the idea first.

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