Monday, June 27, 2011

Cybermummy Highlights and Lowlights

There are so many Cybermummy posts I could write but to be honest I'm still a bit overwhelmed by it all. And tired, still very, very tired.

So I've decided to just list my Highlights and Lowlights instead.


  • Bumping into the fabulous Mid30slife when I first entered the conference centre. Happy days - I myself got a buddy.
  • Hooking up with my fellow Netmums Ambassador Penny from Aresidence.  

HelloitsGemma and the other two. Oh and that hairdresser guy of the telly.

  • Eating these: 

  • And these: 

  • Listening to Erica from LittleMummy and Nick from MyDaddyCooks. Brilliant speakers.

  • And Sarah Brown and Rachel Johnson - Hugely entertaining, for different reasons obviously.

  • Getting a chance to talk to the delectable Mammywoo.

  • Finishing my crowd source keynote post:

  • And of course listening to some of the others:

  • Meeting some lovely Netmums reviewers and some lovely curry buddies:

Yes that is me tweeting

  • And finally watching Mid30s stumbling out of the restaurant with about 30 bags of freebees weighing her down.


  • Nearly missing my flight there (I was sat nonchalantly at the wrong gate in the wrong terminal at boarding time. Running through an airport is never a dignified experience).

  • Getting a stress induced migraine due to the terrifying ordeal of having to speak in front of 400 people.  I thought I'd be fine, silly me. 

And finally,

  • Missing some 'must meet' blogger friends like Metalmummy and Ghostwritermummy. Were you guys hiding from me?

Now tell me - what have I forgotten?

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