Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cybermummy here I come!

I've only had about 6 months to get ready for Cybermummy, 'the UK’s premier blogging conference', so leaving everything to the day before I leave was just silly.  And having the hangover from hell on that day was not very bright either.

However, as long as I can find my passport, get my boarding pass printed off on our temperamental printer, write down 'how to look after the 2 year old' instructions, find some clean clothes and a suitcase and generally sort my life out, then tomorrow I will be making my way from Dublin to London to join several hundred other bloggers to learn some stuff, meet some folks and pretend that I know what I'm doing.

The reason that I'm (hopefully) getting there at all is because of the wonderful Netmums, who are sponsoring both me and Penny from Alexander Residence to attend. Netmums have recently celebrated their millionth member and have also launched a Netmums Bloggers Review Team. If you are attending Cybermummy and would like to know more just make sure you bump into me or Penny on the day.

For those not attending don't worry - I will be divulging all about the speakers, the workshops, the calender shoot, my 'crowdsourced keynote speech', the drinks, the bellinis, the curry, the Hoxton late bar..... 

Finally, please don't expect to hear from me until at least Monday. I have a feeling there may be another hangover coming my way.

*BTW Listography is on holiday this week* 

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