Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Art of Roughhousing

My kids have started to take for granted the fact that we receive things for free to review.

'Spoiled brats' I hear you say. 'Correct' I reply.

Naturally when the toys come out of the packaging they are delirious with excitement and have sharpened their nails in advance for the 'who's it for' competition.

Last week the lovely Mat Archer from Quirk Books sent me 'The Art of Roughhousing' to review.

Written by two doctors who are hoping to help bring a return to physical 'rough and tumble' play which is increasingly being marginalised by the likes of Wiis, Nintendo's, Playstations etc. I liked the sound of it instantly.

For the kids however it was a different story. As the book came out of the packaging their faces fell.

'Is that it?' the girl asked. 'A book'.

'Baaaw-ring' said the boy already wandering off.

As I tried to explain to them what it was all about I could see their disinterested faces desperately looking for a distraction.

'But look!' I said enthusiastically. It shows you how to do things like this:'

'Whoo Hooo! Can we do that now? Can we? Can we? What else is in there? Let me see. Pleeeeeaaase.'

The battle was won but the war was lost. I've spent all week trying to delay the inevitable mattress down the stairs game.

If I pluck up the energy to do it I promise I'll let you know.

The Art of Roughhousing retails at £9.99 and is full of less challenging activities that that one! If you're looking to get active with your kids (toddlers to tweens) then I would happily recommend this book.

Disclosure: Product sent free of charge for purposes of the review.
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