Saturday, April 9, 2011

Listography - Laminated List

I don't think there are many people who haven't seen the Friends episode about Ross's laminated list. Basically he's allowed to make one list of five famous women that he would be allowed to have a one night stand with if the unlikely opportunity arose. You can see more here.

Ross takes into account likelihood of bumping into them - but I thought I'd just go for broke.

So here's Kate Takes 5 Top 5 Laminated List Guys (*disappears into dreamworld*):

1. Johnny Depp.
Well who else am I going to have in my top slot? I've mentioned Johnny before in a number of posts (How Johnny Depp Ruined My Night, Listography - Dinner Party Guests, and My Life in Lists) so at the risk of sounding like a stalker I'd just like to say 'I LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!'
Johnny Depp
Pic courtesy of
2. Caleb Followill.
Who? He's the lead singer in Kings of Leon. You don't really need to know anymore, just look at the picture.

Ok that's enough. I saw him first.

3. Brad Pitt.
Preferably in his younger days before Angelina 'do my lips look big in this' Jolie cut his balls off.

4. James Franco.
I have no idea who this is but having stumbled on some of his photos I think I need to remedy that.

James - if you're reading this do get in touch.

5. Emile Hirsch
Having recently watched the brilliant 'Into the Wild' (as prompted to by the fabulous Metal Mummy's Movie Meme), I discovered the beautiful Emile who plays Alexander Supertramp.

Yes, I realise that he's about 12 but what was that rule - 'half you age plus 5'? No still probably wouldn't make it.


So now it's your turn to enter fantasy land by writing you own Laminated List on your blog and then coming back here to put your details in the linky below. And don't forget to print it off and give it to your other half, you know, just in case. Though I'd keep it to celebrities rather than the likes of 'Keith from accounts'. I really don't want to be involved in any marital breakdowns.

Looking forward to seeing yours!


  1. Haha, this is a great listography theme. Right, I'm going to have a serious think about this one, might have to nick a couple of yours so you may have some stiff competition!!!

  2. Ooh good list! James Franco is very nice indeed and who doesn't like Johnny Depp - except dressed as a dirty old pirate - or maybe especially??

  3. Dirty old pirate, not dirty old pirate...who cares?

    DA - back off!

  4. Awesome theme! I can't wait to think this through and come up with my own list! I'll be back...

    Your list is very good, my dear. I have just learned quite a bit about you. For instance, you like tattoos and B.O.... you dirty bitch! LOVE IT!

  5. Hi Kate,
    I have two contributions to the Laminated List:

    1. Any
    2. Woman
    3. Who'll
    4. Have
    5. Me

    1. Is
    2. She
    3. Breathing?
    4. She'll
    5. Do

  6. AMAZING listography this week - I had to set aside 5 mins to bash out my list on this lovely Saturday night. I'm heading off for a cold shower now.

  7. Caleb - swooon.........great one this week!¬

    My HAW just looked at what I was doing, he commented "what a sad bunch of women you all are on a saturday night posting pictures of who you would if you could"

    He has a point ;-)

  8. I've already done something similar to this, twice!! I am going to submit both of them to your linky if that's ok :D

    Your choices are erm.... well, lets just say that we won't be fighting over men ;) :D

  9. Kate, this is a marvellous list; it just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait, off to do mine now.

  10. Ummmm, James is a bit yummy!

    Great listogrpahy topic, I might just have to join in again.

    Mich x

  11. Lovely list! Lovely listography! This will keep me smiling all week!

    Me: Dirty pirate! x

  12. Hi Kate,

    This is a great blog and I love the lists you have done.

    I have had a go,and didn't realise how long it would take me.

    I can't wait for your next intstallment.

    Scotty Lover

  13. SuperAmazing - he may think we're sad but this list has made me very very happy :)

  14. Ooh this was so much fun! Maybe I enjoyed it a bit too much... Hub's away so spent a looooong time picking my laminated lovers...! I'll let you have Johnny Depp, but only cos seeing him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory put me off him *sigh*


  15. Great topic this week, it has got us all hot under the collar! You know Brad Pitt had to be there...

  16. There seems to be a bit of a Johnny Depp thing going on! I am going to add my very first Listography and no Johnny Depp in sight (but I do have Brad Pitt). This is a great theme

  17. As a massive Friends fan, Loving the theme!
    Can we have more Friends related listographys?

  18. I have realised how many pretty boys I have on my list - I agree with Brad - never been the same since Angie got her claws into him!

  19. Hahaha...Loved this weeks List Kate! Your five are great especially Johnny & Caleb x

  20. by the way, when mocking Donny, you should consider Chris de Burgh...:-)

  21. Yes but at least I had the decency to be embarrassed about that. PLUS I never said I fancied him - unlike you and Mr. Donny. Shocking.

  22. Great choice's. Really enjoyed this one!

  23. Did 5 but would like 10 please?????? lol Love that you like Caleb. He'd be in my top ten so much so I named my child after him.

  24. Loved this list, so joined in with a Dutch twist

  25. Can't see my post so will resend - PC seemed to be having a funny 5 minutes.
    I really liked this challenge and Mr Depp was on my longlist. I did sneakily post 6 pictures though I did pick my top 5. Like others have said 10 would have been a much better number ;o)

  26. I don't watch friends however will do my best!

  27. I am now going to go find and watch Into The he's pretty!! (even if he is 12 - but that's okay, half my age plus five is 16 so I'm close...)

  28. He's not really 12 Carole! Jeez I'm not that bad...He just looks it!

  29. Loved doing this - any excuse to linger over hot pics in Google is a winner with me - you and I actually agreed of a few too - we so have similar tastes. HOT!! Shah .X

  30. I wrote one of these in 2006. I think I'd change it now though lol

  31. Jonny, yum. Caleb, yum. Not so keen on Brad never have been. Great listography though. Having just done mine I think I need to lie down!

  32. No JD on my list! I'm off to lie down too...

  33. This is the first listogrophy I've joined in with - picked a great one to start didn't I ;-)

  34. Mmm James Franco - he was in the 1st spiderman movie, played Peter Parkers friend at college, he turned into the young green goblin!! I'll add my list whn I've composed it!!

  35. Johnny Depp and Emile Hirsch almost made my list too! I'm glad you finally watched In To The Wild - one of my favourites (if you recall it was on my ridiculously long listography entry on movies). As for Caleb, I just can't get over his massive ears! Have you never noticed them? ;-) Otherwise, he's totally HOT in the Sex Is On Fire video... yummy!

  36. Bit of Brad. Yes please. Even in Troy.

  37. ooh wow! Love em all. Need to lie down in a dark room now to recover!

  38. Great list, and a great idea.

    Have you seen the episode of 30 Rock with James Franco? He has a secret love - a Japanese body pillow called Kumiko. If you haven't seen it PLEASE track it down, you won't be sorry! x

  39. I am SO with you on Caleb!! He is just beautiful! We went to see them in December and I think I spent the whole show just willing him to take me back to his hotel ;-) x

  40. I've put in a late entry but I had to get involved just on the off chance I bumped into any of them this weekend!!! xxx


    I missed the there is mine lol. I so wanted to put Mr Franco on there but it just felt wrong, with him being so young LOL.....Hmmm, not TOO young I guess though lol. I watched him on james Lipton The actors studio, he seems such a lovely person :)


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