Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Friend in Need...(is a pain in the arse)

The lovely JoJo at JoJo's So Called Life has asked me to write a post about a good friend for her new JoJo's So Called Friends Linky.

Believe it or not I do actually have one or two friends. They don't even complain when I'm late with their 'friendship payments'. Pretty good pals I'm sure you'd agree.

There is one particular friend who sprang immediately to mind for this though. Last time I saw him he was complaining about not having a post dedicated to him on my blog...

So - Mr. Eric Hamilton - your moment has come. Step forward into the limelight and bask in the glow of Kate's vast readership.

What do you mean 'who turned out the lights'?

This story begins about 10 years ago when I first returned from travelling the world with my unknown fiance Kristian by my side. We returned from distant shores to have a go at living in Ireland (where I'm from) instead of England (where he's from).

The move back coincided with my mothers 60th birthday bash so there was lots going on and plenty of visitors looking for spare beds at the family home. Fortunately the ever chivalrous Eric offered us his spare room for the weekend. Never mind that he had not yet met 'the fiance'....mi casa es su case as they say round these parts.

So that weekend we moved in.

And a year later we moved out.

Not only did we stay in his spare room all that time, we stayed rent free. And drank his wine. Kristian even started working in the same place as him and so bummed a lift in and out every day. Whilst dictating the musical selection of course.

Eric now lives in Slovakia with his lovely new wife. I have no idea what made him leave these shores.

Strange isn't it...?

If you'd like to share a story about a good friend then pop over to JoJo's.


  1. hehehe,

    I wonder what Slovakia doesn't have that Ireland does? ;)

    Jokin', of course x

  2. Wow a true friend indeed! Every one should have an Eric, that's what I say. Or did you have something on him? a bit of black as we say. That's it definatley a bit of black, because I could put up with your company, may be? Ferrying you to work and back (but I get to choose the music) even have you there rent free, if I was wealthy enough, but DRINK MY WINE! I would have knocked you out! Good old Eric, hope he is very happy : )

  3. Well he now has a wine cellar and no 'us' so yes, I'd say he's pretty happy!

  4. and he's very handsome!! thanks for joining in. anyone who likes wine is ace in my books. p.s he looks like someone famous and I can't think of who????? x

  5. I hope he reads this; what a lovely-sounding guy.

    CJ xx

  6. haha I need a friend like that! Sounds like a good time to save some money :)

  7. Those are the kind of friends that I like to keep an extra bottle of expensive bubbly around for, just in case they pop by...

  8. I think the friendship payment credit rates in Slovakia are higher than in Ireland ;-) And the wine is cheaper. Good guy!

  9. Oh, he's just going to love this isn't he........blurgh! Our kids call him 'Smelly Eric' for a very good reason.

  10. great friend - hope he reads this!


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