Monday, February 7, 2011

Listography - Things I'd Love This Valentines

Love is in the air so for this weeks Listography I thought I'd send some ideas across the blogosphere as to what I'd like to receive this Valentines Day.

Actually this is beyond just wishful thinking. On the 13th February every year I am reliably informed (warned) that 'we don't do Valentines'. Ouch. No romantic candlelit dinner for me then.

So I don't know if I'm being foolish, I don't know if I'm being wise....but they do say to aim high and see where you fall.

1. A maid on speed dial.
I can't keep up. Even if I spent every hour of the day cleaning the house there would still be a trail of toys from 'room they were playing in' to 'room they are now playing in'. And the dinner would still need to be cooked. I can do one or the other - not both.

2. A Personal Assistant.
Nope, that's not the same as a maid. My PA would be there to take care of the admin. God I hate admin. Bills, Doctors, Schools, Tax, Banks, Cars, the list is endless and the thanks is zero.

3. Anything in a little blue box.
Well not any blue box. One of these please:

4. A Vivienne Westwood Dress.
I have coveted one of these for some time. Sadly I think it will never be.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania 

5. A bouquet of flowers
Ok I'm going for a slightly more realistic and predictable one to finish up with. However, see the way I said bouquet instead of bunch? Well that's what I mean. NOT a bunch of Tesco's Finest, NOT a bunch picked up in the garage on the way home from work. A bouquet - from a florist.

Pretty in Pink
I realise that I sound like a complete bitch but as I say - it's not as if I'm going to lose out on anything. You, on the other hand, may use this as an opportunity to drop some much needed hints to your other halves. Write your own list on your own blog and then come back and put your details into the linky below.
(And do come back and tell me if you got any of them!)

*As an added bonus there's another fabulous Listography book from up for grabs. To be in for a chance of winning just join in with this weeks Listography and then sign up to my email updates at the top of the page.
<Comp was won by Mid30sLife - go read her entry below. She has Willow Smith to thank for it>


  1. Will have to think about this one and get onto it in a day or so.

    Although I now want that Vivenne Westwood dress...

  2. That little blue box was the first thing that popped to my mind as soon as I read the title! And now at 9 months pregnant, your number 1 would be my number 1 too! Look forward to participating xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for another List to get me thinking - and dreaming
    QWERTY Mum

  4. I'm real basic when it comes to Valentine's Day, I want chocolate, great lashing of chocolate!

  5. I've got 1, 2 and 3. Need 4. Not sure she looks good on me though. Hmm. Oh and bought myself 5 with my groceries this week. Never leave anything that important to a man. x

  6. Oh, good list theme, will have a think and do mine later.

    I've got a Valentine / love link up running on my blog - anyone is welcome to post their related links :)

  7. Oooh I'm off to have a think but I pretty much know what would be on my list...

    Chances of me getting an Audi R8 for Valentines Day = 0



    Will write soon and link up. I'm addicted to your listography!

  8. I'm so Fancy - I was SO hoping you'd link up - even if it's just to make the rest of us jealous. Go on - I'm sure there's SOMETHING you need to have....

  9. Oh man my shortlist will be tough. Def one I'll get my teeth into. I haven't been spoiled for a long, long time :-)

  10. Ps with you with 1. and 2. I am often IN DENIAL OF ADMIN so it grows into an enormous, unwieldy pile that whispers to me, beckoning me in the voice of an old hag, but laughing at my hopelessness at the same time. RE 3. I've always thought Tiffany was overrated (that bloody silver heart - but I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise).

  11. Zookeeper - you're right - those silver hearts are over-rated, their diamonds however are not...
    SAHM - some addictions are good!

  12. Just realised I'm pretty miserable! I don't do flowers, champagne or chocolates...those are the basics of Valentine's Day :(

  13. Why don't you do Valentines Day? I'm all in favour of any excuse to make someone feel special. Even if it was invented by Hallmark to increase their bottom line.

  14. Mmmm pretty blue box....

  15. Could you imagine if your next post says "guess what everyone, check out this blue box!"

    Actually that sounds a bit wrong. I think it's the word "box." But you know what I mean....

  16. Linked up now - still want the dress by the way.

  17. Mid30s - I think we all know that's not going to happen (in any respect of the words blue box)...

  18. Ooo that little blue box gets my heart a-thumping too! Off to write my list and link up now...

  19. Hi Kate,
    This is a great idea. So great I was going to make this week's I heart ME linky over at mine "What present would you buy yourself for Valentines Day?" Incredibly similar I am sure you will agree.

    So I was thinking I would link my I heart me linky to your linky. Just reference how similiar they are and point out that people could double linky if you like.
    Would you be OK with that?
    Notes x

  20. Tiffany's right up there for me too. Enjoyed myself again writing this this week thank you, and as ever have probably been too honest. Oh well...

  21. What a thoughtful lady you are, setting this up for all those 'other halves' out there, who are no doubt scratching their heads and desperately wondering what to buy for us ;)

  22. Notes - I'd be honoured - you go ahead. x

  23. Fab - will do x
    I will mark it as my start of joining in listofun!

  24. Although this list will be closing at the weekend so not much time left...!

  25. Linky link up here :-)

  26. excellent way to get what we want! thank you for the suggestion. afraid i missed the competition, but at least i made the list this time! (and btw, I'm sorry I might have accidentally posted to another list by mistake - i hit the 'Tab' key and it took me far, far away from the Valentine's post...)



  27. Strangely enough my list ended up being very similar - we women are quite simple creatures really, aren't we! ;)

  28. Maid and personal assistant on speed that sounds like the cure for all ills! Happy Valentine's Day, hope you got your list (or parts of it anyway)!

  29. Ohhh a maid on speed dial... that sounds WONDERFUL! :)

  30. :-) thanks for linking up on my heart thing, still need that dress x


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