Sunday, February 6, 2011

The eBay Mummy Blogger Challenge

Cast your minds way back to before we counted in the New Year with Champagne and fireworks (or maybe you were in bed by 11.15 like me...), before your kids woke you at 4.30am to show you what Santa had brought, before the snow made everyone get cabin fever and left them twitching in a corner of their house mumbling 'Air - I need fresh air'.....OK, you can stop there - that's about the time of the eBay Christmas Mummy Blogger Challenge.

If you didn't hear about it at the time the deal is this: eBay gave five mummy bloggers £300 to spend on their Christmas shopping on eBay. We had to get as much help as we could from people on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc and you could vote for your winner on eBay dedicated Facebook page.

And as if that wasn't good enough there was £500 up for grabs for the winner.

So who was it that bugged the hell out of her friends to vote for her? Who was it that became a Twitter pest with her hourly eBay updates? Who begged strangers for their support like a crazed politician and promised random visitors lifelong friendship? Yes sir-ee, yours truly did.

And guess what? It worked. You are now looking at the Queen of the eBay Mummy Blogger Challenge!!!

Oh that's ok - there no need to bow.

(Seriously though - thanks so much to everyone who helped and voted for me. The winnings were very much needed so you can rest assured they've gone to a good home. x)


  1. Fantastic, well done you!


  2. Yay!!!!! So pleased you won. Brilliant news....

  3. And congrats and thanks to Nicola my 'best helper'!

  4. YAY!!!!! Congratulations, that's fantastic news. Enjoy your winnings.

  5. Hello, I'm back and I'm jealous!! Instead I'm going to try and sell the best of the girls' outgrown clothes on good ol' eBay but will probably raise a fiver! I await the next listography thingy. Don't know many kids' programmes yet - twins have a twin instead of a TV as the major source of entertainment! x


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