Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Favourite

Man those Friday's come around quickly! Time for my 'Favourite New Blog' post. Now this might be slightly controversial but you're going to have to just trust me ok?

I found this blog almost as soon as I started blogging myself a couple of months ago and have felt an affinity with it ever since. She always has something interesting to say, writes brilliantly, can be funny \ intelligant \ moving in equal measures and is incredibly supportive of other peoples blogs.

Who is it I hear you ask? Well, I'm delighted to give this weeks recommendation to............... What Did She Say?.

Now I know what you're thinking - that this just a tit-for-tat for the wonderful things she said about me here - (yes, yet another plug) but not so!!

Read it for yourself and you'll see why - and don't forget to tell her that I think she's fab.


  1. You're right. She writes a nice blog. Have joined up!

  2. Well aren't you just the most lovely?!! That's so kind of you, and I'll try my best to live up to it!

    Much love, Tina x


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