Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Favourite

I'm not sure how it happened but it seems to be Friday again. Now where did those last 6 days go? (Mmm, toilets and red wine come to mind - not good).

Aaaanyway.... fortunately I have been keeping up with my New Blog reading habits in preparation of the second 'My Favourite New Blog' (for the first see here), and boy do I have a treat for you. This blog is so new you could set aside 10 minutes and read the whole thing from start to finish (please do), but my! how beautifully this girl writes. The blog is called GTA: Moominland and you can find it here, and if you don't have a full 10 mins then just take 2 and read her exquisite post 'A Sense of Falling'. You can thank me later.

As you can tell by now I have a bit of a crush - but hopefully I haven't scared her away before she has had a chance to really join the BMB community. My last word on the matter: A - you need to set up your 'Followers' option!
Finally - one of these days I promise that I will figure out how to create an award button thingy, but for now this will have to do.


  1. This is a great idea. I've just had a read of this weeks suggestion. So beautiful. I 'd lost my focus as a mummy over the last few days but the post "A Sense of Falling" put tears in my eyes.

    Here's the link to my blog for due consideration.

  2. Hi, very good idea. Just started following you.

    Here's my blog if you fancy a look.....

  3. Hiya Kate,

    Glad i made your day,lol,it`s okay in this house i am well known for my madness..hubby does say i am mad in a nice way though..scratching my head as i am not too sure how to take that!!

    Had a pop on over to Moominlands blog and truly beautiful posts and so touching..bowled over!!
    My two boys{always be my babies,just don`t tell them i said so,lol} are celebrating there 20th and 17th birthday this week..oh my giddy aunt i ask myself where did the time go....i can still remember the feeling of wonder and the newness of having a baby,seeing the world again through fresh so look forward to each new little miracle that they acomplish but ahhhh if only you can slow down time.....

  4. Just gorgeous! What a find. There's something about that new baby phase, I know have some really bizarre little sleep deprived rambles I wrote at that time. These posts really capture how it feels to have a tiny baby.

  5. What a lovely blog. It made me feel so nostalgic for those magical days of utter blissful love for your newborn. A lovely idea as well to champion other blogs (and very much liking yours as well!).

  6. Thanks for your comments - so glad you took the time to read Moominlands posts. If she keeps writing like that we might have a BMB baby-boom!

  7. Hi Kate,

    Thank you so much for recommending my blog!!!!! I'm blown away that so many people like it. My latest post, on utter boggle-eyed exhaustion, is the reason I haven't checked my post til now and then WOW! I'm over the moon. Thank you all so much!


    P.s. I'm working on the followers thing- thanks!. I am a techno-twit!

  8. Hello, lovely to find you and a great idea. I am spending far too much time at the moment reading blogs - it's very addictive.
    Thank you for the suggestion. I had just read Allison's blog before I found yours and it is beautiful. So great suggestion.


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