Reviews and disclosure

Kate Takes 5 loves reviewing products that we can actively test out before writing a post.

I am also a member of the Netmums Parent Blogging Network and work with other bloggers from around the UK and Ireland to review products and brands put forward by Netmums. 

All reviews on this blog will be honest and real, regardless of payment \ reimbursement provided. All reviews and sponsored posts will come with a disclosure.

Here are some examples of the many past reviews I have done:

Disney World Resort - Orlando Florida:

All things Disney and Animal Kingdom

Magic Kindgom

Typhoon Lagoon

3D TV and 3D Movies for Warner Brothers:

3D TV - What's it all about anyway?

How TV has changed.


Kate Takes on the Skylanders

Micro Scooters:

Mini Micro review

Maxi Micro review


GuardianFx Pro

CruiserFix Pro

I was also a Lego Duplo Ambassador for 2012.

Contact me on

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