Monday, March 6, 2017

How to stop arguments about kids and coats.

Last year I found two perfect coats for my boys. One was a parka (I love parkas) and the other was a very cool bomber jacket. 

I bought the coats, brought them home and then spent the next six months arguing on average three times a day about the fact that they had to wear them.

'Put on your coat'

'But it's not cold!'

'Put on your coat. It's -3 degrees out'

'But I can't run in it!'


'You're so mean! You're the worst mother EVER'

And repeat, ad infinitum.

It gets very draining believe me. 

So when an email popped into my inbox asking if we would like to try the latest styles from world renowned brand Berghaus I grabbed the chance, hoping desperately they might help stop me from going slowly insane. 

Crucially, this time I let the kids choose the jackets. 

The very next week they arrived to much excitement. The boys donned their matching jackets immediately. 

'Our jackets are the same!' exclaimed the little brother excitedly.

'Our jackets are the same' said the big brother dolefully. 

And yet even that didn't put him off. 

They went for a walk to test them out. Style, comfort, warmth and wearability - all ticked off the list.

So the kids are finally happy. Hallelujah.

From my perspective they couldn't be better. The main thing is they actually wear them without an argument. Seriously. Not one argument about putting on a coat since they arrived. I actually can't believe it. 

The quality is second to none. The boy's black insulated jacket is described as 'A warm, lightweight jacket with a water repellent outer to protect from light showers.' And that's exactly what it is - perfect for those spring showers and warm enough for those unexpectedly cold days. 

I'm also thrilled that at least one of them still chose a parka #parentinggoals

We took ourselves off to the zoo at midterm and I didn't end up carrying them once (the coats that is, not the kids).

They've also been wearing them every day to school, to friends houses, to sports, on walks and everything else in between.

And did I mention there were no arguments?

You can see the selection of berghaus coats and jackets at Blacks Online.

For boys coats
For girls coats

Disclosure: I was sent these coats for the purposes of this review. All words, images and kids are my own

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