Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday strolls in the Wicklow Mountains

Sometimes I forget that I have THIS on the doorstep.

However every so often I take myself off up the Wicklow mountains and am reminded of the glory of nature, and each time I tell myself that I really should do this more often. 

And then inevitably I come home and forget all about it. 

This particular walk took us from Lough Tay (the Guinness lake) to Lough Dan.

It's a spectacular start, and then a beautiful countryside walk through hills and fields for about an hour, until you reach the silent and beautiful lake.

Once there it's time for a pause for reflection before heading back along your tracks to the car. 

A well-earned pub lunch naturally follows, and then home for Sunday papers by the fire. 

Pretty hard to beat it in fairness. 

I really should do this more often...

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