Monday, July 4, 2016

Jobs, juggling and turning corners

So yeah, I got a job. It's not that I forgot to write about it. I just wanted to have something to write about when I did.

And now I do.

Two months ago I began working with the wonderful Zahra Media Group who produce lots of big Irish magazines like Easy Parenting, Easy Food and xPose Magazine. Somehow the stars aligned and I was given the opportunity to become their Digital Manager for Parenting - a title that seems a little too grand but one that I am very happy to take on.

So I slipped on some heels, slipped out the door and became a proper working mum that goes to an actual office.

And what an office it is.

I have to say it's been pretty wonderful. There's obviously the juggling business and that tricky believing in yourself lark, but the commute is just a twenty minute drive and the people are completely awesome. 

So anyway - drumroll please - this week sees the launch of the new website I've been brought in to get off the ground and make amazing. It's a slightly terrifying prospect, but someone told me recently I was a badass so I'm doing my best to believe it. 

Obviously there were cupcakes purchased.

And then we all had a sugar rush and started to look ridiculous.

We're a professional bunch though. Promise.

Fancy a look? The website is and we're Easy Parenting on Facebook. 

Do pop over and say hello, I have cake don't you know...

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