Monday, May 23, 2016

Saving money and the planet with IKEA

It's time for a final update on my Live Lagom challenge with IKEA. 

Back in December last year I was invited to take part in a sustainability project run by IKEA. It involved (responsibly *cough*) shopping for good in their store that would help me and my family to save money and save the planet by taking little steps on a journey towards sustainability. This is me with my haul. Spoilt brat I know.

I tried to focus on energy saving and making the home a warm and cosy place to be. Armed with rugs, duvets, lightbulbs, and state of the art cooking equipment it wasn't hard to do.

This is the shame of my bedroom before the project began. New bedding and green plants transformed the space from mess to rest. 



Sidelights with energy saving LED lightbulbs are now used all over the house, as well as extension leads that can be turned off easily with the flick of a switch so power saving mode isn't continually used, and rechargeable batteries. Heating was also turned down and cooking times reduced significantly (by as much as 80% in fact). I haven't managed to calculate the exact savings due to the temperature of different months and the fact that I also changed to a cheaper supplier (one of the knock on effects of the project).

Another saving I've made is switching my bin collection from every two weeks to - wait for it - every 2 months, simply by being more organised and recycling properly.

However one of the major bonus for me was the aesthetic 'hygae' that the project brought. My home is now simply a cosier, nicer place to be. And, amazingly for me, is more organised too.

The kids are fully on board, running around shouting at each other for leaving lights on and having a real understanding of why a rechargeable battery is so much better than a throw-away-pollute-the-planet one. 

And we've ever started planting stuff. My favourite, Sweet Pea is currently taking root, and tomatoes, basil and parsley are all well under way. I have to say it's a little addictive. 

Looking back on all those baby steps I'd say we've come a long way with zero pain and lots of pleasure along the way. If you get a chance to Live Lagom a little I'd highly recommend you embrace it. There are tons of tips on Hubbub who are IKEAs charity partners on the mission. 

Enjoy and adjo.

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