Thursday, March 10, 2016

Girls Summer Dress Wishlist - with House of Fraser

The older they get, they more opinions they have. Fact.

With my daughter now 11 (gulp), gone are the days of me picking out my favourite dresses in my favourite colours and assuming she will love them. Nowadays it's more of a team effort - she picks and I pay. Clothes need to be the right shape, the right feel, look good, but not be restrictive for her climbing trees or lazing around on the sofa days. It's a tough gig.

But with Summer slowly easing it's way around the corner it's time to start looking at some holiday dresses again. Joy!

With her. (Reduced joy rating).

Browsing through House of Fraser shows there are plenty of beauts on offer though - and happily she agrees.

Here are our top picks - but if you're lucky enough to own a child with less opinions on what she will and won't wear then the options are endless. Just pop over to House of Fraser and enjoy a look around.

How gorgeous are those?

Oh to be 11 again!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All words, opinions and selections remain my own. 

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