Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No more sex

Getting everyone out to school in the morning is often stressful. Especially on those days when you have been in bed scrolling through Facebook and didn't notice the time ticking away...

This morning was no different. After a mad dash looking for uniforms, lost shoes and school bags I shoved a piece of toast in somebody's mouth and shouted for the hundreth time to 'Get a move on, we're going to be late'.

The 6 year old continued to stroll around the house looking for 'something' but wouldn't tell me what. The 8 year old gave me the 'Jeez, you're so stressy' line. Which is always helpful. And the 10 year old stood at the front door silently rolling her eyes at us all.

I looked at the clock.

'Ok. That's it! Out, Out, Out!'

They filed passed me grumbling, but just as they got to the car, one of them turned back.

'One sec - I forgot my markers'.

The next one followed

'One sec - I forgot my music folder'.

The last one turned tail

'One sec - I forgot my something'

I stood red faced and exasperated in front of the car, shouting after them like a mad woman -


And then froze, watching the stream of smirking teenagers walking past the house on their way to school.

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