Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alternative Wedding Outfits for Boys

star wars inspired wedding
I do love a good wedding, and so I'm delighted that my little sister and her beau have decided to tie the knot this summer.

Naturally I have spent the past three months online looking for my own dress, but now that I am sorted I've turned my attention to my boys.

As they spend most of their time in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies I'm getting considerable pleasure over the fact that I get to dress them up like Little Lord Fountleroy and there's not a thing that they can do about it. (Apart from completely refusing to wear the outfit and um, that would never happen...)

Instead of going the traditional beige linen \ little navy suit way I've decided to take a bit of an alternative route. I can see my mother's frown appearing already.

These are my top picks so far from the fabulous Melijoe.

Alternative wedding outfits for boys

Alternative wedding outfits for boys by katetakes5 on Polyvore

Baxter, the 6 year old, gets the shirt and braces on the left, and Marley, 8, the t-shirt \ waistcoat combo on the right. Both are one part smart and one part casual. 

Comfortable shoes and soft trousers are a must so that they can do the all important running-slide-on-your-knees-move on the dance floor at the end of the night. 

What more could they ask for?

"Can I take off this jacket now?"

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