Thursday, March 26, 2015

LeaversHoodies - A review

Leavershoodies are the top UK provider of custom printed college clothing. They specialise in school and university leavers hoodies and custom college style clothingI'm not sure when this became 'a thing' but I may be showing my age by not knowing about it until now.

Anyway, their site allows your school \ college \ family \ friends to design a personalised hoodie (they also do other garments). They pride themselves on quality, choice and customer service, so when they asked if I would like to test them out I thought we could have a pretty good go putting them through their paces.

First off choice - as it turns out I'm not the greatest decision maker when faced with a wide range of options. And believe me there are a wide range of options. Colour, design, picture, print, front, back, side, zip, no zip - anything was possible - which of course left me frozen like a terrified rabbit in the headlights. 'What do you think?' I ask them hopefully.

With a little help from Leavershoodies and a little nudge from the kids we finally nailed down the designs.

Their customer service on this was truly wonderful - nothing was too much trouble and they even sent over screen shots of what the finished product would look like so that we could be sure we were happy before ordering.

We had two different designs, three different names, four different sizes and four different colours.

I can't begin to imagine the logistics of doing a whole year of a school or college but they were extremely organised with our little batch and they have plenty of experience.

Once the hoodies were printed up they were quickly shipped out to us. The kids were thrilled with each of theirs and put them on immediately. That was Friday.

It's now Thursday of the following week and I'm a little bit ashamed to say they haven't actually taken them off yet. Marley has even insisted on sleeping in his. I can't really give a better recommendation than that.

I have to agree that the quality is great - very soft with nice little touches such as loops for your headphones to go through and button holes in the front pouch to feed your cable through.

Naturally I got one too - a lovely purple zip up one that I find myself wearing far too frequently. I couldn't quite bring myself to put my name on the back though.

Disclosure: I was sent the hoodies for the purposes of this review. For more on how to order and what's available go to
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