Friday, November 28, 2014

Sporty Gifts for Girls

Buying new sportswear is a bit like buying a new bra. There's always so much more desirable stuff on offer to spend your hard earned cash on, so you wait until said item disintegrates before you actually splash out on replacing it. Plus they always cost more than you expect them to, and when you have 20 other must have items on your list it's easy to bump both sports wear and new bras to the very bottom.

And don't even get me started on sports bras.

BUT new gear makes you want to workout more and puts a pep in your step when you do.

Which brings me to my point - sportswear is the perfect gift for both sports lovers and those dipping a toe in the fitness world because she isn't likely to buy the stuff for herself. *

So here are my top picks for want-but-can't-justify-the-purchase sportswear gifts for girls:

Sporty Christmas Gifts

Seamless hosiery

NIKE clothing
€29 -

NIKE logo sportswear
€83 -

NIKE racer back sports bra
€38 -

H M clothing
€19 -

NIKE tech accessory
€63 -

Express stretch hair tie
€5,17 -

MIO Liquid Yoga

*Disclaimer: If you buy new trainers and running bra for your girlfriend who would prefer to rip off her own nails rather than get sweaty then I take no blame in her swiftly becoming your ex-girlfriend.

Happy Shopping!

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